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Soft Landscaping.

We offer a comprehensive range of landscape services to commercial companies, local authorities and landscape architects. Works covered include all aspects of soft landscaping design, shrub and tree planting, grass seeding and turfing, supply and spreading of top soil, sports ground construction and public open spaces.

Landscape Design 

AWS Landscapes Ltd offer a complete design consultancy service for many of our commercial clients. The clients landscaping needs are considered throughout the design process which involves numerous site meetings, detailed briefs and re-draws if required.


We are often contracted by building companies to spread topsoil to the start of the landscape package. We will only supply topsoil which is above the BS3882 standard. The importance of good quality soil can not be overstated; the success of any plants growth relies on it.

We avoid the use of reconstructed topsoil as this usually contains brick dust and other undesirable materials. Topsoil depth is always adhered to, as this again, is very important to plant establishment.


Tree and shrub planting  

One of the core elements of AWS Landscapes Ltd is the provision and planting of vast numbers of trees, shrubs and plants. Planting schemes from small retail outlets to large business park are catered for. We deal with only the most accredited nurseries and tree growers in Britain ensuring only the finest quality of stock is used. Shrubs and trees are also sourced from overseas if necessary.

Recent schemes have involved having large mature trees crane lifted into position in specially prepared planting pits, planting schemes on lightweight compost, river bank, marginal planting, roadside hedge planting and woodland areas. Once planting is completed a maintenance program is put into place ensuring the future success of the scheme.

Turfing and grass seed 

AWS Landscapes Ltd  currently supply and lay turf and sew grass seed to over 500,000 sq. metres per year. This can range from individual gardens within our many commercial housing estate contracts, to sports pitches and vast areas of commercial landscaping properties. We have invested heavily in the latest specialised equipment to ensure the finished areas are of the highest possible standard.

The turf laid varies from local purpose grown turf to high quality grades from companies such as Rolawn and Inturf.Grass seeding is sourced from only the most reputable seed houses and pre-seeding fertilisers are always used. With the rise in popularity of Wild flower seeding we are currently seeing a large increase in our portfolio of Wild flower meadows on a range of different sites.



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